They look happy but I can’t help but be a little freaked out.

About 2000 gingers got together for the Irish Redheads Convention in Crosshaven, Ireland for the special event, which included carrot tossing, ginger speed dating and the crowing of a new Redhead King and Queen.


With a spectacular red afro and pale white beauty, the King and Queen will surely be looking to expand the red head empire across the globe, using their dark magic ginger powers to take over Ireland then the world.

Alan Reidy celebrates as he is crowned Redhead King by former King and Queen, Alan Hayes and Laura May Keohane

The convention was started by Joleen and Dennis Cronin, who started the festival as a way to celebrate Dennis’ birthday:

“It started six years ago we were thinking of novel ways to celebrate my brother’s birthday. This thought of having a party and only inviting people with red hair got tossed around and we thought let’s keep this going. We made it very fun and friendly and very open for families.”

It all sounds very innocent, but I’m still staying scared to be on the safe side. Brunettes beware.