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The universe can be a cruel mistress at times, but just when you think you’ve seen it all, we post a list of 27 perfectly timed images that make you question your reality… and they are pretty funny too.

1. The Floating Dog Of Wonder

This freeze-frame trapped my dog in a bubble. (x-post from raww) - Imgur

2. Stretch Armstrong

The man in the back of his picture looks like his hand is on the girl's shoulder. - Imgur

3. Slap!

kTsvEGH - Imgur

4. Cloud Pirates

0TDgmn9 - Imgur

5. Where’d It Go?

T1ZUXGf - Imgur

6. Man-Horse

Yawn! - Imgur

7. Massive Load

BuahIHA - Imgur

8. Something Looks Fishy..

sJfqq1N - Imgur

9. Impressive Formation

A women taking photo's of the Red Arrows caught a Seagull mid-flight, perfect timing. - Imgur

10. Umm well…

There's really nothing quite so sweet as tiny little baby feet - Imgur

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