A young male has used the age old excuse of ‘it was a social experiment’ to try and justify his assault on an elderly black man.

Conrad Barrett has been sentenced to a lengthy jail term after he ran up unprovoked and punched a 79-year old male.

The 29-year-old ‘prankster’, filmed his cowardly attack on Roy Coleman, with the disclaimer “The plan is to see if I hit an elderly black person, would this be televised nationally?”


The moments before the incident he can be seen psyching himself up to go through with the attack before he settles on a target and performs the disgusting act.

The coward can be heard saying “Hey, how’s it going man? huh? How you doing?” shortly before punching the man and running to his car laughing and shouting “knockout”.


The disgusting incident fractured Mr Coleman’s jaw in two places and knocked his teeth out.

Barrett was arrested shortly after the attack, having stupidly shown the video to an off-duty police officer.

Thankfully he has now been jailed for up to six years after pleading guilty to racially motivated assault, a finding which we are very happy about.