The simple things we choose to do in this world are often the most powerful.

Nasir Sobhani, 26, of Melbourne, Australia, works full time as a hairdresser but still finds time to give the less fortunate haircuts with amazing results. As a former drug addict himself he knows how hard life can get and so he started the Clean Cut, Clean Start project which aims to give people a second chance.

” A homeless person doesn’t get the respect and attention needed, so letting them know that they are worthy of human interaction is actually the main purpose here.”

Nasir Sobhani

See the incredible transformations below and follow him on instagram @thestreetsbarber

Homeless Cuts-01 Homeless Cuts-02 Homeless Cuts-03 Homeless Cuts-04 Homeless Cuts-05 Homeless Cuts-06 Homeless Cuts-07

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