The youngsters were in a public square when a man approaches the group telling them “I don’t want you near me.”

One of the group tells the man “I’m 16 so if you touch me you’ll be in jail,” before he replies “I’m 69 so if you touch me you’ll be in jail.”

Despite one of the teenagers saying “We’re skating, we’re enjoying ourselves,” the man continues his tirade against the group.

A passer-by tries to intervene telling the man that he is being watched on CCTV cameras, but instead of leaving the youngsters alone he offers to take one of the teens round the corner to “sort him out”.

An older member of the group then becomes involved telling the man to get away as he takes a swipe at the camera.

The footage, shot in Glasgow, then shows the old man trying to run after one of the skateboarders before ending with the message: “Please understand that by skating we aren’t trying to cause trouble or annoy you. Skateboarding is not a crime.”