NOVA FM radio hosts Fitzy & Wippa revealed to a caller live on-air that her husband, who she suspected was cheating, had an account on notorious cheating website Ashley Madison.

Callers were asked to call in if they suspected their partner was using the cheating website by the hosts, who would then check the name against a website hosting the leaked info.

The segment went horribly wrong when a woman from Blacktown, NSW called into the show with suspicions her husband has been using the website.

“When that little thing came on the news about the Ashley Madison hack he sort of went a bit funny and I looked at him (her husband) and said, ‘What’s up?’ and he said, ‘Nothing’,”

– said Jo (not the callers real name).

After listening to a bit more of her story, the radio hosts checked the name against their list. The news was not good for Jo and more specifically, her husband.

“We’re putting him into this website right now and his details have revealed that he’s actually on the website Jo.”

A few seconds of extremely awkward silence later, Jo asked,

“Are you serious?”

“Yeah I’m sorry,”

said Fitzy.

“Are you freaking kidding me? These websites are disgusting….”

said a distressed Jo, before hanging up.

The radio hosts told listeners immediately after the call that they felt horrible about the segment, with Wippa pleading to the caller to talk to her husband and not assume the worst.

“He may have signed up, he may have regretted it,” said Wippa.

“Jo obviously needs to have a conversation with him and find out how far it’s gone.”