Matthew Colwell, better known by his stage name 360, is an Australian hip hop recording artist that is known to write about fairly personal and serious issues in his life.

360 has covered subjects in the past such as addiction, drug abuse, depression, suicide and much more to create conversation and kill the stigma of talking about how you feel to the people that care about you the most.

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360’s most recent song is about the traumatic experience of losing a child at birth. He has watched a friend of his spiral back into addiction after the loss of his child to cope with the pain. 360 has written this song in the hopes that others who can relate will see that they’re not alone and won’t go down the same road. There’s other ways to cope and the people closest to you are always there for you.

Some of the responses his video received:

His response to the reaction “Tiny Angel” got on social media:

That’s enough from us, watch it for yourself and have tissues on standby.