Casa Ceramica, a tile company from Manchester in the UK was sick of people running down the hallway in their show room. Why people are running in the hallway of a tile companies show room is a good question which we don’t have an answer for. What we do have, is Casa Ceramica’s idea to combat people running.

Check out the floor below. You’d want to avoid the right side where that dip is right?
Wrong. This floor is completely flat, it has been designed to mess with our brains and trick them into seeing a slope where there is only flat ground. Imagine running down this hallway now, it would mess with your senses and you’d likely fall over.

Duncan Cook, the owner of Casa Ceramica posted a videos of himself first ‘navigating’ the floor, followed by a demonstration of it all being actually in your mind, walking straight over the ‘hole’. Talking to INSIDER, a representative of the company said that “the inspiration was to create an entrance themed on illusions and exceed expectations of how tiles can be used.” So while you might be worried about falling into the hole on the way in, the illusion only works in one direction so you’ll be perfectly safe on the way out.

We think this is an ingenious use of shape, angle and shadow to create something brilliant and it will definitely have people thinking twice before running down this hallway again.

h/t: boredpanda