You can’t fly an X-Wing yet, but you’ll be able to fly Star Wars style sooner than you think.

Japans biggest airline ANA has revealed new themed Boeings jets with R2-D2 artwork, along with newcomer BB-8 from the new film Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

In the airlines latest corporate tie-in, Star Wars jets will soar across the Earth’s sky in November, primarily in domestic Japanese routes.

The airline will also offer all six Star Wars films on international routes, perfect for your 23 hour flight from Sydney to Los Angeles.

Walt Disney and LucasFilm have been spewing out news about the beloved franchise of late, with a new theme park, new casting details and new posters all coming out of the past week.

If you think it’s all lame and nerdy, just picture Walt Disney and George Lucas having money fights inside Disneyland. Seems pretty sweet to me.