Think of every person you know. Most likely 90% of them are on social media. Think of all those people, scrolling through Facebook and Instagram everyday, full of amazing pictures of delicious food, exotic locations and beautiful people. Now think about how these are made, how photographers take such stunning images.

Photographers have to be creative, many of them can’t access or get to the locations they want to shoot, many don’t have the tools or products necessary. They have to resort to other, creative means to make the ideas in their heads a reality, from backgrounds, using scale, working angles and as always, a healthy dose of photoshop.

Below are some behind the scenes images which show just how creative some photographers can be to get that final image.

#1: Put another shrimp on the… steamer?

#2: “I love bush”

#3: Yeah the removalist is here…

#4: Fake it ’til you make it

#5: “Are you sure this looks good?”

#6: FILL

#7: When you want to look shorter but end up looking like a ninja

#8: Day at the beach #beach #holiday #dayoff #summer

#9: Photoshop can work wonders

#10: Just shows how good photographers are at their job

#11: Visiting Paris

#12: Grab crouch

#13: This one makes me lose all trust for car ads

#14: What a spot to ride to

#15: I’m not even mad at this one, that’s impressive

I don’t know what to take out of these images, either people are extremely deceitful or photographers are just amazing at their art form. One way or the other I feel lied to!