After dumping previous director Colin Trevorrow LucasFilm have announced the return of superstar director JJ Abrams for the final film in the new Star Wars trilogy.

Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy officially announced the news via the website today after much speculation about Episode IXʼs new director.

The Cloverfield and Episode VII director will return to the helm once again to no doubt deliver another box office smash, despite Abrams earlier comments indicating he would stick to directing just the single Star Wars film.

Abrams comes on board after previous director Colin Trevorrow left the film after meeting ‘creative differencesʼ with LucasFilm.

Many speculated that Trevorrow was dumped because of clashes with Disney and Lucasfilm, something that has already been an issue with other directors in the new Star Wars series.

Directing duo Christopher Miller and Phil Lord were previously slated to join to the film but met similarly differences with Lucasfilm, and have since been replaced by Hollywood legend Ron Howard for the upcoming Han Solo spinoff film.

What does this mean for the Star Wars series going forward? Who knows!

But you know JJ Abrams will deliver a spectacular movie!!! Just watch out for that lens flair fam.