The Instagram account Sanjay Kapoor has been going viral the last few months, we have shared a few of the photos as at the time it appeared to be some harmless fun. The account showed a man called Sanjay who was happy to share a bit too much of his life, talking about his current girlfriends, showing himself on the way to meet new girls and more, which seemed to tie into the “show me your bobs” meme which is also viral at the moment.

The most popular posts from Sanjay were the ones which showed a man called Durgesh, which told the story of how Durgesh catfished Sanjay multiple times and Sanjay’s reaction to it.

After the posts went viral, various sources reached out to the account, looking for the story behind the photos and it was discovered that the person running the account was a teenager who was taking the photos from another account and posting them with funny captions.

However, when asked for more information, the owner of the account refused, saying it would “make things more complicated for myself and for him”.

He said he had received consent for the parody account from the man in the photos and that he was happy for the account to continue running. He then sent a link to another account which they claimed to be the man in the photos, this later proved to be another fake account.

A few days later, a man claiming to be the brother of the man in the photos made a post on Facebook, describing how his brother, 19 year old Durgesh, did not give consent and that the account was posting against his will. He said that the photos were stolen by someone with a grudge against him and was using this account to get back at him.

The other man in the photos referred to as Durgesh, is actually the real Durgesh’s father, who has a disability and the viral account has affected their lives and was taking a toll on them. A translation of the post was shared on Facebook explaining the situation to non Hindi speakers. The post went on to call out the “Indian-creeps” memes and the effect they have on the individuals targeted by the memes.

The real Durgesh has said that he is fed up with the account and that the posts “…are disgusting. No one should never defame a father-son relation for some likes.” He didn’t make any mention of his father or his reaction, which is probably for the best.

Both Sanjay Kapoor accounts are now either deleted or removed.