People are very divided on red-heads; some think they’re sexy AF and others think they’re pasty-white freaks that could infect you with their disease with just the smallest touch.

Those same ranga-haters might be turned around however, with the release of the new Red Hot British Boys calendar for 2018.

A collaboration between Gay-dating app Chappy and music producer/photographer Thomas Knights, the calendar aims to help people see red-heads in a new light and bring ripped red-headed blokes into the spotlight.

Pre-orders for the calendar are now open from the Red Hot 100 store, with the calendar set for an October 2017 release date.

Every page of the calendar will feature one of Britain’s sexiest red-headed blokes, with hours of crunches, curls and cutting finally paying off for these ripped-ranga models.

You’ll be greeted with a new naked ginger man every month in 2018 in this somewhat surprising hit calendar, as you can see in this raunchy vid:

Lucky calendar-buyers will also be supporting a great cause as well with funds from the sale going towards the Ben Cohen Standup Foundation, helping to eradicate bullying within communities and bringing the LGBTQ community closer with the rest of society.

Outside of mega-stars like Nicole Kidman, red-heads usually don’t get much love from mainstream society. But this calendar is refreshingly red-head positive, helping to shed new light on all the sexy rangas out there in the world.

Want to attend the launch of the 2018 calendar? A special event titled ‘Chappy presents Red Hot Boys, will take place at L’escargot in Soho London on 25 October 2017, with exclusive VIP tickets available online.