When he was just a puppy, stray dog Bolinha was abandoned outside a gas station in western Brazil. 13 years later the dog’s weight had ballooned to an obese 80 pounds after living off scraps from the facilities café.


While becoming a sort of tourist attraction at the gas station, nobody was too concerned with ensuring the dog was getting enough care to be healthy and happy. After being overlooked countless times by visitors, an animal rescuer from a nearby town came to save the day.


He was placed into the care of the Brazillian Animal Protection Organization (APO) and given what was likely his first bath ever. Looks like he loved it.


To get in shape, Bolinha was put on an exercise regimen and strict diet. He was walked on a submerged treadmill, ensuring he could get great exercise while alleviating pressure on his joints.


After a lot of exercise, hard work and dieting, Bolinha has shed 30 pounds! He can now move, breath and live a lot easier now.



If you’d like to learn more about Bolinha’s rescuers or help out the cause you can visit both their Facebook page and website to learn more.