tonycuntPhoto: Jeremy Hillman

He looks like Mr. Miyagi, wears thongs everyday and has a massive stain on his crotch. I like his vibe. But NSW police don’t, issuing ‘peace activist’ Danny Lim a $500 fine for brandishing an offensive sign targeting PM Tony Abbott.

Two of Lim’s latest signs label Tony About a ‘c**t’, with Lim pissed off about Abbott’s education, jobs, health and environment policies.
Mr Lim defended his use of the billboards, telling reporters they were just harmless words.

“It’s in the dictionary,” he said. “I never knew this could happen in Australia.”
As someone who has received a public disturbance fine in the past, I feel Lim’s pain. But he isn’t a hater on the police, stating he will return with a new sign supporting higher pay for cops and public officials.

In the game of life, sometimes you wax on, sometimes you wax off.

Just for future reference calling him a “d**khead” in person is free: